The afternoon times slipped by about an hour on the day, but this is still a fairly accurate representation of the programme.

Links to texts from the the presentations are being updated.

Please note all times given are New Zealand summer time

1000   Sean Cubitt [onsite]
           Opening and Welcome

1030   Steven Kovats [online]
           Rotterdam, Netherlands

1100   Sophea Lerner [online]
           Helsinki, Finland 

1130   Tennis [online]
           London, UK

1200   James Stevens [online]
           "Boundless, OWN and Blink"
           London, UK

1230   Helen Varley Jamieson [onsite] [online]
           West Coast, NZ and Helsinki, Finland

1300   LUNCH!

1330   Tetsuo Kogawa [onsite]
            "New Media and Mini FM"


1445   COFFEE!

1500   Zina Kaye [online]
          "Three experiences in remote collaboration"
           Sydney, Australia

1515   Sally Jane Norman, David Metcalfe, Sneha Solanki [onfilm]

          Newcastle, UK  (details below)

1545   Ian Clothier [onsite]
           "Remoteness, hybridity, power and freedom"

1600   Phil Dadson [onsite]
           "Tuning into, out-to, noise and silence, ears peeled to inner, outer."

1615   Paul Woodruffe [onsite]
           "The Listening Post"

1630   Trudy Lane [onsite]
           "Glocalogue -- perspectives on cultural production in the age of
            glocalization, universal nomadism and the generic city."
            Presentation link here.

1645   Eu Jin Chua [onsite]
           "The Ventriloquist's Embrace: The Paranoid Predicament of Laurie
           Anderson's Dal Vivo": tele-technologies, visibility, art, and power.

1700   Caroline McCaw [onsite]


1745   i.e. wlltts + zy'zx + eset [onsite][online]
           Ak, NZ + Brussels, Belgium

Entry is free!
Complimentary Tiger Beer will be available during the last performance!

There will be a post-festival catch-up and relax at The Wine Cellar, St Kevins Arcade, Karangahape Road

[onsite] = the presenter will be presenting at Elam
[online] = the presenter will be live via the internet
[onfilm] = the presenter will be prerecorded


Pre-Event: AV Festival Research Roundtable, Thursday 10 March

Digital Lounge
Tyneside Cinema

re:mote co-organiser Honor Harger is currently the consultant director of the AV Festival in Newcastle. As a point of connection between the festivals, Honor convened a round table discussion with Newcastle based artists and commentators whose work relates to the theme of re:mote.

The roundtable was organised as part of the preparation of the 2006 AV Festival programme, and the recordings of the event will be screened at re:mote.

The presenters were/are:

- Sally Jane Norman, Director, CultureLab, University of Newcastle

Discussion about working with digital technology in performance contexts, about the role of remote technologies in facilitating collaboration, with case studies of projects she has worked on or experienced to highlight the poetic potentials of working with technology.

- David Metcalfe, Chief Executive, Forma

Discussion of Forma's current productions, including work by Ryoji Ikeda, Gina Czarnecki, and Ryuichi Sakamoto + Carsten Nikolai.

- Sneha Solanki, new media artist & lecturer at University of Newcastle

Discussion of the themes and concepts behind her practice, showing a range of her internet based art projects, including 'The Lovers', an installation exploring computer viruses and 'Flat of Culture' a 49 hour networked performance, produced in collaboration with Kate Rich, which involved multiple streaming media performances and broadcasts.



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